Throughout our lives, our skin naturally develops dark spots or patches of hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation occurs when the hormone in our body that stimulates the production of melanin, the natural pigment that gives our skin its color, goes into overproduction. This, in turn, leads to an overabundance of melanin in certain areas of our skin. You may have heard people call these patches "sunspots", "age spots", or "liver spots". This is because the longer we live and the more we expose our skin to UV rays, chemicals and other elements, the more this hormone produces too much melanin. When you first started noticing dark spots or hyperpigmentation, your first thought was probably to buy a topical color corrector that will brighten your skin. Unfortunately, not all skin products that claim to lighten dark spots and reduce hyperpigmentation are created equal. Some of them don't work at all, and some can even cause contact dermatitis, which is when your skin becomes irritated and inflamed in response to an allergen. The secret to finding a color correcting product that actually works is to look on the label for a specific ingredient: alpha arbutin. What is alpha arbutin and how does it help reduce the appearance of dark spots on your skin? Read on for the answers to these questions, as well as distinguishing between the different types of arbutin you may encounter and the unique benefits of the alpha variety.

What is alpha arbutin?

Alpha arbutin is a chemical that when applied topically gradually lightens the area. That's why you'll typically see it as an active ingredient in color-correcting skincare products, and why we use it in our Perfect Skin Solution at Skin Royal Cosmetics. In small amounts, Alpha Arbutin is both safe and effective in reducing the appearance of those unsightly hyperpigmentation spots and evening out your skin tone. It works by suppressing a melanin-synthesizing enzyme in the skin called TYR, preventing it from doing its job. This way, it stops melanin production in its tracks.

why are we using the alpha version?

We use it because, like this study published in 2021 in the scientific journal Phytotherapy Research, alpha arbutin is about 10 times more effective at lightening skin than beta arbutin. It's also more stable, which means it's easier to keep it pure on its journey from the lab to store shelves.

What are the benefits of alpha arbutin?

Lightening dark spots and hyperpigmentation is just one of the many benefits of Alpha Arbutin. Alpha Arbutin lightens dark spots by stopping the body's production of excess melanin. Improves scar fading In addition to treating those annoying dark spots, alpha arbutin also helps fade scars. This makes it a wonderful treatment for people who have struggled with acne in the past and have scars on their skin as a result. Evens Skin Tone By reducing hyperpigmentation and improving scar fading, Alpha Arbutin naturally evens skin tone so it looks smoother and more toned.Acts as an antioxidant for the whole body Alpha arbutin contains antioxidants, which allows it to have an antioxidant effect on the whole body. Antioxidants are extremely important for the health of our skin, but also for our health in general. These powerful compounds scavenge free radicals, which are renegade cells that attack other healthy cells in our body, causing inflammation. When free radicals are destroyed, inflammation is reduced and the body can heal itself. In one study, alpha arbutin showed promise for improving response to toxicity and healing skin wounds. These benefits are a result of its antioxidant properties.

Alpha Arbutin And Hyaluronic Acid

Alpha Arbutin becomes even more powerful in improving the overall appearance and health of your skin when combined with Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally produced by the skin. It is essentially a moisture barrier that keeps the top layer of skin hydrated and protects the lower layers from infection by foreign bacteria. It also helps skin stay plump and smooth, rather than letting it get dry and flaky. As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin slowly decreases. That's why dermatologists recommend moisturizers and skin products containing hyaluronic acid, so we can replenish our skin's natural source of moisture. The dynamic duo of alpha arbutin and hyaluronic acid is like a punch against dark spots, dry skin and acne. Combined, they give skin a youthful look and, more importantly, a healthy feel. That's why we made sure to put these two ingredients in our Perfect Skin Solution. To sum up, when looking for a color correcting product that will safely and effectively lighten your dark spots and reduce hyperpigmentation in your skin, you need to look for alpha arbutin. This version of arbutin is about 10 times more effective than beta-arbutin, which is the other type you may see in the ingredient list of skin care products. Along with helping with your sun spots, alpha arbutin will also provide an antioxidant benefit that will help keep your skin healthy. Alpha arbutin also improves the discoloration of your scars. If you've dealt with acne scars in the past, a product containing this ingredient will help your appearance tremendously. Finally, alpha arbutin is even more powerful for the health of your skin when you combine it with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps your skin stay hydrated and improves its overall appearance. You will find these two ingredients in the Perfect Skin serum, the solution from Skin Royal Cosmetics, which is available now in our online store!

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